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Highly effective spray and ultrasonic cleaning for Manifolds
The compact parts cleaning system used by Nubé allows parallel spray cleaning and flood cleaning during the wet phase, with an additional ultrasonic cleaning unit. This combined process forms the basis for a reliable cleaning of complex and sensitive parts.
Nube Hydraulics BV uses MAFAC systems for cleaning parts, the process technology that moves the spray system in the rotating or opposite direction of the rotating basket. This innovative technology forms the basis for reliable and efficient process solutions for cleaning Manifolds. It is based on the clear truth that any cleansing operation achieves better results when exercise is applied. Effective cleaning is guaranteed because the relative movement between the holding basket, which either rotates, oscillates or is stable, and the spray system that rotates along or in the opposite direction is individually adjustable.

This way, contamination can also be removed from workpieces with complex shapes.
With the spray-flood cleaning system, Nubé Hydraulics works according to the water-based principle, Nubé is able to combine spray and flood cleaning in the wet phase. Two technologies are used in one process. This combination makes it possible to thoroughly and reliably clean complex and at the same time sensitive parts. For the overflow process, the machine is equipped with a rapid overflow system that allows the batch to be cleaned to be flooded to 100% within 30 seconds. There are two medium-sized tanks with 720 and 600 liters for filling. The sprinkler system moves in the opposite direction of the rotating basket. The full jet of jets ensures on-site cleaning and surface cleaning of the Manifolds. The front of the batch is also thoroughly washed with an extra full jet of jets directed towards the batch. This way the efficiency of the cleaning process is further optimized. For drying parts, the machine is equipped with a water vapor condenser, a hot air pulse blower system and a vacuum.